20 May 2017 I m sick

H is 3 yo n 5 months

I m having high fever 38.9..

H takes cloths with ice help me to cool down my forehead. She continuous check on my temperature.

I told her I need a rest. She said gently: Good Night mummy~~ n gently closed my door. 

When I heard that, I know she has grow up a bit! H, I love you and you always melt my heart.. 

Sleeping time...

I told her I m cold as I m covering my self.. she touched my forehead and immediately volunteer to take temperature for me.. 

gently she put my hand inside blanket and kiss me good night..

I know I have been raising her well!

Conversation: tactic not getting scold

Mum: why you bite didi. I told you many times, don't but people. *canned her

H: mummy no.. no... I love you mummy!! I like mummy!!

It's a trap of asking you to stop canning!

Conversation: Suddenly she so chinese 3y6m

One day when she back from home~~

H: mummy, 你爱我吗?

Me: !!!

Do you know that there is difference between ENFAGROW Milk Powder sold in Malaysia and Singapore?

I always thought same brand Milk powder should have same nutrients no matter where we bought. When I going through EnfaGrow Milk powder nutrients (without noticing the origin country), I found why nutrients different from different website and from the picture I took. Yea.. Then I found out is from different country of making.

Let's compare the price for Enfagrow A+ Step 3 as it was used in the longest period and critical period.

At Tesco Malaysia is selling at  126.15 for 1.7kg = Currency 3.1 = $40.70
while at Singapore Fair Price is selling at $85.65 for 1.8kg

After all the calculation for 1.8kg
Malaysia selling at $43
Singapore selling at $85.65

With today currency, Milk powder is cheaper by HALF now compare to olden days.

Singapore Enfagrow made in Netherland 
While Malaysia Enfagrow made in Thailand

Make your choice now weather you want to get from where after compared the price, place of origin and nutrients!

Pada tangkapan saya, tepung susu mesti mengandungi nutrien yang sama tidak kisah ia dibeli dari negera mana. Faktanya Bukan! Saya amat ragu tepung susu jenama apa paling baik untuk anak saya. Saya menyelidik dari internet dan mendapati ruang laman menpunyai data berlainan. Maka, saya baru faham bahawa tepung susu nutrien adalah tidak sama pada negara keluaran berlainan.

Saya guna Enfagrow A+ Step 3 untuk dijadi bandingan kerana Step 3 diguna pada tempoh yang paling lama dan Kritical.

At Tesco Malaysia ia dijual pada  126.15 for 1.7kg = Currency 3.1 = $40.70

Manakala di Singapore Fair Price ia dijual pada $85.65 for 1.8kg

Pengiraan untuk tepung susu 1.8kg
Malaysia menjual pada harga $43

Singapore menjual pada harga $85.65

Singapore Enfagrow keluaran dari Netherland 
Manakala Malaysia Enfagrow keluaran dari Thailand

Saya nyakin dengan fakta ini, anda boleh menbuat bandingan antara harga, tempat buatan dan nutrien bagi anda menbuat pilihan yang bijak bagi anak anda.

The nutrients differences: 

How do you thaw your Frozen Expressed Breast Milk?

How do you thaw your Frozen Expressed Breast Milk?

Simply thaw your milk and warm the milk by in milk bottle on the warm water for 10 mins.
If you are using hot water to warm your milk, it probably took less than 5mins.
Monitor and test the milk, it should be till the same temperature of your freshly expressed milk temperature (room temperature)

Do not overheat the milk as it will kill all the contents. Once milk thawed, it cannot be stored back. Discard if excess milk left.

Breastmilk Storage Guidelines By Medela

Extracted from Medela. The chart will be differ for baby born premature.

What you need for Pumping?

What you need for Pumping? Especially for exclusive Pump mummy.

1. Breast Pump
    This is most stress part has there is more brands in the market now. People usually go for the most famous brand Medela. Due to the high cost and with more good machines in the market, user now can opt for more choices:
  • Phillips Avent
  • Spectra
  • Pureen
  • Lacte
  • Autumnz
  • Tommee Tippe
  • Little Bean
  • Unimom
  • Snowbear
  • Rumble Tuff
  • TrueLuv 
  • Amenda
There is two types of Breast Pump, one is manual and one is electric. Some mummy prefer using manual as they believe they yield more milk but it is more tiring and you have to manual pump the milk out. Today, most mummies will choose for electrical pump.

Manual or electric pump are divided into single or double pump. I would recommend double pump. If you are using single pump, you can only pump one side at a time and a wastiing of time.

**There is another way when you forget to bring your pump. Hand expression:

How do you store your Milk? Storage milk guideline by Medela
2. Storage Bottle
    If your milk is going to consume within 7 days, just store in a storage milk and recycle the bottle once consumed. For every milk you keep, indicate the date and time in a sticker, then stick it on the bottle. Milk should be consume by First In First Out. Monitor if the milk is going to be more than 7 days, transfer to a storage bag and deep freeze it.

3. Storage Bag
    If you are have excessive milk and you don't think you will consume within 7 days, keep in storage bag and freeze it. On the Storage bag, indicate the date and time with marker. Do not overflow the storage, store the milk just as indicate in the storage bag as it will burst the bag once you froze or de-froze it. There is two sizes of storage bag. For a starter, baby usually has a lower intake. Therefore, froze in the smaller pack is better when you thaw. If is a big pack, you tend to thaw more than what the baby want to consume and this will cause wastage. This frozen milk can last up to 6 Months. Brands you can purchase:
  a) Autumnz
  b) Unimom

4. Marker Pen/ Sticker
   This is to indicate the date and time of your stored milk.

5. Track your Milk Apps
    Instead of using pen n paper to note down, and sometimes you forget where you put your paper.   Download apps to keep track your milk yield. Apps can come with charts and analyze your milk pumping wave. Below is the few apps that you can use.

    a) Feed Baby
        iPhone Screenshot 1

    b) Pump Log
        iPhone Screenshot 1

    c) Mommy Log
        iPhone Screenshot 4

6. USB as your Breast pump Power cable
    When you are using electrical Pump, you always need ELECTRIC. Some mummy rooms in the mall provide the electric node while some no. Or when you always travel, you need to pump in car or flight. Therefore, we always have to be ready with bundle of Battery or re-chargeable battery. i can easily use up a set of battery in a day. You can also do your pumping when you are shopping. Cool right? of course, you will need freemie(See below). Here come this new cable called USB cable when it can connect to any USB portable charger to your pump machine. Nowadays, everyone have a USB charger, if yours run out of battery, you still can borrow from friends. You can get this cable from BBMilkit. It has cable for all the brands.

Medela Swing Maxi Breast Pump USB Cable

7. Freemie

With freemie, you no need to hide inside a room to pump anymore. You can buy the cup and connect to your existing breast pump machine rather than only can use freemie machine. There is few feedback from users that after connected to Freemie, the suction is lower than using the original pump accessories. Freemie is convenient as the cup is small, you no need to hold on to your pump everytime you pump. You can have your mobility and have both your hand free to do other things. Yes, with this you can also go shopping while pumping.